HELP! What the heck does that red eye in Gradebook mean???

animated eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings
If this is the red eye you see in Gradebook, please contact Public Safety at 540-458-8999 instead of the ITS Information Desk.

The eye icon will display in your Gradebook if you have applied a manual posting policy in a course — i.e. at some point, you clicked on the blue gear icon in the upper right hand side of Gradebook and chose to have grades hidden by default vs. automatically posting grades:

screenshot of Grade Posting Policy tab in Canvas Gradebook

— or applied a manual posting policy in an individual assignment.

red eye icon in Canvas GradebookThe red shaded eye icon indicates that there are grades within the assignment that are currently hidden and must be posted before they can be viewed by students.

transparent eye with slash icon in Canvas GradebookThe unshaded eye icon indicates that a manual posting policy is currently in place and future grades are hidden from student view or that a manual posting policy was previously used to hide grades in an assignment. If you have selected a manual posting policy for a course, all assignments that do not have hidden grades will display the unshaded eye icon.

When grades are hidden from student view, the Total column also displays the unshaded eye icon to indicate that the total grade in the Gradebook differs from the total grade viewed by the student.

Have questions about Canvas? Contact the ITS Information Desk at 540.458.4357 (HELP), email, or stop by Leyburn Library!