Sakai to Canvas – FINAL ROUND of Bulk Migration Requests is now OPEN

Dear faculty and staff,
Sakai is officially retiring on May 31, 2020.  Note that you will NOT have access to any Sakai courses or content after May 31, 2020.
We are now opening up our third and final bulk migration request to move your course and project sites from Sakai into Canvas.  Beginning now and continuing through May 4, 2020, you may request to have your course or project sites migrated from Sakai into Canvas by filling out the form available at
At this point we are accepting migration requests for ANY needed course or project sites from ANY term.  Courses will be ready in Canvas by May 18, 2020.  You will be notified when your courses are available. This will give you time to check the final migrations for accuracy and completeness by the May 31, 2020 deadline.  
Note that you will not have access to any Sakai courses or content after May 31, 2020.  All materials you wish to save from Sakai need to be downloaded to your own computer or migrated into Canvas by that time.  
Please contact Brandon or Helen directly ( or x8651; or x4561) or via to ask any Canvas questions or to request personal training.
We apologize for asking you to do one more thing during this unprecedented time of virtual instruction here at W&L, but rest assured there will be only a few more emails related to the Sakai-Canvas migration, as our year-long process finally comes to a close at the end of May.  
Many thanks for your consideration and support!

Round 2 of Migration of Sakai Course Content to Canvas begins TODAY!

Beginning now and continuing through Feb 17, 2020, you may request to have up to 10 course or project sites migrated from Sakai into Canvas

Visit to request up to 10 course or project sites migrated from Sakai into Canvas.

After migration, you must check your courses to ensure that they are set up properly.  While the migration pathway from Sakai to Canvas is robust for Resources, Assignments, Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and Lessons, there are a number of items and settings that will not migrate over and will require positive action on your part in Canvas to correct or address.  

You are also welcome to migrate your own course content from Sakai into Canvas at any time.  The first step is creating a sandbox course in Canvas to host your migrated content.  After that, you may follow these detailed migration instructions.  

As always, Academic Technologies staff will also be available at any time for one-on-one faculty training, migration requests, and support sessions.  Please contact Brandon or Helen directly ( or x8651; or x4561) or via to ask any Canvas questions or to request personal training.

Lastly, if you are totally unfamiliar with Canvas and need to get up to speed, mark your calendar for Canvas Academy, a special edition of Spring Academy focused entirely on Canvas, April 13-16, 2020. Get ready to say goodbye to Sakai and prepared to design and deliver your course in Canvas. All sessions meet in Parmly 302, but feel free to bring your laptop.