How to copy videos in one YuJa course channel to another YuJa course channel

Do you have videos already published to a Fall term YuJa course channel in Canvas that you want to make available to a Winter term Canvas course?

Just follow these steps!

  1. First, enable YuJa in your Winter term Canvas course.
      • Log in to Canvas by going to, enter your W&L credentials, and click on the Canvas tile.
      • Go to the desired course and click on the Settings link in the course navigation.
      • Click on the Navigation tab.
      • Drag and drop YuJa from the bottom group of tools to the top list of tools.
      • Click the “Save” button.


  2. Next, create a new YuJa course channel.
      • Click on the YuJa link in the course navigation. 


  3. Last, publish videos from an existing YuJa course channel to the newly created YuJa course channel.
    • Click on My Media (on the left side of the page).
    • Hover over any video you want to share.
    • Click on Publish.
    • Click on the newly created course channel (and any other course channels, if desired).
    • Click the “Select” button.
    • Pat yourself on the back.


See for more information.

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