HELP! Why isn’t my Qualtrics workflow working!?!

When setting up a workflow in Qualtrics, especially for the purpose of sending automated email notifications, it’s crucial to understand what a workflow is and the significance of certain settings within this tool.

A workflow in Qualtrics is a sequence of tasks that are executed based on specific triggers or conditions, often without manual intervention once the workflow is configured. These workflows are particularly useful for automating repetitive tasks, such as sending out email notifications to a designated recipient or group of recipients whenever a new survey response is submitted. This functionality ensures that the relevant parties are promptly informed about survey participation, potentially allowing for immediate follow-up or action.

However, for the workflow to work, the “From Address” in the email task settings MUST remain as the default address:

Screenshot of the email screen in Qualtrics when creating an email task. The 'To' field is pre-filled with a dynamic field placeholder, while the 'From' address,, is highlighted with a red dashed circle around it.

This default address is set to ensure deliverability and compliance with email policies because it’s linked to the university’s email server configurations and helps to prevent emails from being flagged as spam.

While you might be tempted to edit the “From Address,” keep it as-is. Let the default do its thing. Modifying will result in email notifications not being sent.

So, if you’re following the Setting Up an Email Task instructions, W&L users MUST ignore step 10. YOU CANNOT EDIT THE FROM ADDRESS!

Have questions or need help with Qualtrics? Contact the ITS Information Desk at, call 540.458.4357 (HELP), or stop by the ITS Information Desk on the Main Level of Leyburn Library.