Registration is now open for Technology and Tacos!

Capstone Projects, Thursday, Sept 21, 2023 12-1:30 pm, Leyburn 119; ePortfolios, Thursday, October 5, 2023 12-1:30 pm, Leyburn 119; Collaborative Assignments, Thursday, Nov 9, 2023 12-1:30 pm, Leyburn 119.

The essence of academia lies in the continuous exchange of knowledge. In this spirit, the Fall 2023 Technology and Tacos luncheon series puts the spotlight on High-Impact Practices (HIPs) that have been game-changers in our very own classrooms.

HIPs refer to a set of teaching and learning initiatives that research has demonstrated have a significant positive influence on student engagement, retention, and overall learning. These practices require students to invest considerable time and effort into purposeful tasks, encouraging deeper learning experiences. While applicable across all student demographics, HIPs have shown to be particularly beneficial for historically underserved students, bridging the gaps in achievement and ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

We’ll focus on three HIPs:

  • Capstone Projects with Joel Kuehner, Physics and Engineering, and Dave Pfaff, IQ Center;
  • ePortfolios with Jared Macary, Journalism and Mass Communications, and Jayne Reino, Romance Languages; and
  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects with Elisabeth Gilbert, Business Administration, and Matt Tuchler, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Registration is now open for all THREE Technology and Tacos sessions at Sign up now! Space is limited.

Join us for Technology and Tacos: Focus on ChatGPT and AI

Robot seated at a table, writing with a pen. Thursday, Jan 26 @ 12 PM | Leyburn 119. In this session, Associate Professor Jeffrey Schatten will give an introduction to the topic, participants will have a brief opportunity to explore the software, and the session will end with a discussion of the implications of AI and ChatGPT. Sign up at

Gray human brain situated against a background with mathematical concepts on the left (logic) and a tangle of colorful swirling lines on the right (creativity) Tuesday, Jan 31 @ 12 PM | Leyburm 119. A good defense is the best offense and grounding your teaching in good pedagogical practice can help to ensure that ChatGPT's disruption of our students' learning is minimal. Join Dr. Paul Hanstedt, Director of the Harte Center for Teaching and Learning, for a discussion of effective practices in the age of AI. Sign up at

ITS Academic Technologies and the Harte Center for Teaching and Learning cordially invites all W&L faculty and staff to our Technology and Tacos series. For the Winter Term, we’ll talk about how AI tech developments could affect our classrooms. How do we teach now that it exists? How can we use it?

ChatGPT, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is a cutting-edge AI model developed by OpenAI. It has the ability to generate human-like text and has shown remarkable performance in tasks such as language translation, question answering, and even creative writing.

As a “disruptor,” ChatGPT has the potential to change the way we interact with technology and how we process information; in fact, it already is! However, it also presents a great opportunity for us to explore new and innovative ways to use AI.

Interested? Sign up online at

We look forward to seeing you there and discussing the exciting (and admittedly worrisome) possibilities of ChatGPT and AI with you.

Technology and Tacos is BACK this Fall!

Technology & Tacos - A Lunchtime Workshop Series focusing on the IQ Center

Who doesn’t love tacos? And what could be better than tacos prepared by Dining Services for lunch with ITS Academic Technologies while learning about how you can partner with the IQ Center?

Please join us in Science Addition 202A (IQ Center) on: 

  • Tuesday, September 20 from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM for  “Spatial Reconstruction – LiDAR and Photogrammetry” with George Bent, The Sidney Gause Childress Professor of Art History; Owen Collins, Professor of Theater; and Chris Connors, William E. Pritchard III ’80 Professor of Geology
  • Tuesday, October 25 from  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM for “Imaging – Panoramas, Drones and Video!” with David Harbor, Professor of Geology, and Isra El-Beshir, Associate Director of Museums
  • Thursday, November 10 from  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM for “Virtually Amazing” with Sandy de Lissovoy, Assistant Professor of Art, and Gregg Whitworth, Associate Professor of Biology

Registration is now open for all THREE Technology and Tacos/Thai/Turkey session at Sign up now! Space is limited.

Technology and Tacos: Spotlight on the Pedagogy of Podcasting

Technology & Tacos - A Lunchtime Workshop Series

Our Pedagogy and Pizza lunchtime workshop series is back, and it has a new name!

During the Fall term, we’ll meet on three occasions — Tuesday, September 21; Tuesday, October 5; Tuesday, November 9 — in the Harte Center Teaching Hub (Leyburn 119) to explore and learn about the why and how of podcasting.

  • Technology and Tacos #1: Incorporating Podcasting into Your Teaching Practice
    Educational podcasting has become increasingly popular among educators worldwide. Podcasting can be implemented in a variety of ways: from short, single-concept lectures or audio feedback to students to syntheses of course material through to student-generated content.In this session, hear directly from three W&L faculty members, Mikki Brock, Caleb Dance, and Michael Hill, about why they’ve incorporated podcasting into their classrooms and how it’s worked for them.
  • Technology and Thai #2: Teaching Students Interviewing Skills
    The interview is a staple of both podcasting and journalism, but many students are unfamiliar with how to effectively plan, conduct, and edit interviews.In this session, Mark Coddington, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, will go over the basics of what students need to know about interviewing, then have workshop participants pair up to briefly interview each another and debrief afterwards. 

  • Technology and Turkey #3: The Nuts and Bolts of Podcasting
    Get a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process, including technology that’s available for check out, recommended recording/editing software, a quick tour of spaces in the Harte Center that are ideal for student work/collaboration, and how Academic Technologies can support podcasting project assignments, to ensure that students have the skills and background knowledge to create a podcast. 

All faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up and attend! Sign up at

Participants who attend all three sessions will receive a free AOKEO USB Condenser Podcast Microphone ($39.99 retail value).

Questions? Contact Julie Knudson at