Yes, AI Can Help with Syllabus Design!

AI robot typing on a laptop. Image generated by Adobe Firefly.


Figuring out how best to structure or restructure a course can be challenging. How do we organize all the salient information—topics, assignments, deadlines, learning objectives—into a specific number of sessions? How do we do it in a way that’s clear and digestible for our students? And how do we make it great?

Generative AI can help us do these jobs. Large language models like ChatGPT can help generate session topics, suggest materials or teaching objectives, and even draft a syllabus you can use as a jumping-off point.

While you should never rely solely on AI to do this work, Harvard Business School professor Mitchell Weiss shares some ways you can experiment with AI to help you elevate your courses.

(Remember: You are ultimately the one driving your course’s creation—so make sure to be thoughtful and creative as you query the AI and to thoroughly vet AI’s output.)

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