Now available at a table near you … power squids!

large orange squid

Recently, a member of the Library Student Advisory Board wrote to us, requesting charging stations in Leyburn Library. We get it: nothing is more frustrating than helplessly watching your battery life furiously dwindling away, knowing your charger is tucked away back in your dorm room.

In 2015, ITS purchased and  installed several cell phone power kiosks in strategic locations across campus, but, ultimately, students didn’t use ’em because they didn’t like to abandon their phones.

Well, you asked and we listened.

All around the Main Level and Lower Level 1 of Leyburn Library, you’ll find 20 power squids plugged into tables with outlets so you can charge your Apple and Android phones and tablets with your device safely within reach. Each power squid has four cables: one USB-C, two Apple lightning chargers, and one micro-USB.

Black power squid that you'll see around Leyburn Library
Please do not remove me from Leyburn Library!

Charge away!