You’re Invited! THIS Wednesday (9/27) at 12:00 PM in Sydney Lewis Hall Classroom C


AI’s advancements have been revolutionary, offering unprecedented capabilities and opportunities across diverse domains. In the legal sector, AI can analyze vast datasets, predict legal outcomes, and automate routine tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. However, the rise of AI also brings forth existential inquiries about the roles and responsibilities of humans in a world increasingly governed by intelligent machines.

The Uncharted Territory of AI and Common Law

Common law, a system of law based on judicial decisions and precedents, is dynamic and continually evolving. The integration of AI in this system raises critical questions about the interpretation and development of laws in the future. Will AI contribute to the formation of legal principles, or will it merely be a tool to assist human judges and lawyers in their decision-making processes?

The Role of Humans in AI-Driven Legal Systems

As AI technologies become more sophisticated, the legal profession must grapple with the ethical, moral, and practical aspects of incorporating AI into legal processes. What will be the role of human judgment, intuition, and ethics in a legal landscape increasingly influenced by algorithms? How can legal practitioners maintain the human touch in delivering justice in an AI-driven world?

Join William Donald Bain Family Professor of Law Josh Fairfield on Wednesday, September 27 at 12 pm in Sydney Lewis Hall Classroom C for a discussion on the future of artificial intelligence and its implications for the legal profession. Professor Fairfield will delve into the intricate relationship between AI and law, exploring how AI could shape the evolution of the common law and what it means for legal practitioners.