Podcasting at W&L

The Power of Podcasting

Educational podcasting has become increasingly popular among educators worldwide. Podcasting can be implemented in a variety of ways: from short, single-concept lectures or audio feedback to students to syntheses of course material to student-generated content.

Partial view of woman's face poised to speak into a desktop microphone. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

If you’re ever considered incorporating podcasting into your pedagogy, Academic Technologies can help.

Contact us to get an overview of the process, including technology that’s available for check out, recommended recording/editing software, a tour of spaces in the Harte Center that are ideal for student work/collaboration, and how we can support podcasting project assignments for your students.

Eager to get started now? We have some helpful podcasting resources [must log in with W&L credentials] for you.

Podcast Storytelling Workshop with StoryCenter

Podcasting is a fast-growing storytelling medium for sharing information and personal expression. Beyond the convenience of listening on the go, the beauty of podcasting lies in the words, sounds, and silences in the theater of the mind. Creating a high-quality podcast requires careful planning, quality scripting, and production skills.

In February 2022, StoryCenter returned to W&L once again to offer a workshop of storytelling in the increasingly popular podcast format. Two facilitators guided seven participants through story development, scripting, interview technique, audio hardware options, and training in Audacity software.

Below are links to podcast segments created during the span of this intensive 3-day workshop.