Update! Improved Email Deliverability with the Qualtrics Emailer

Qualtrics3D illustration of a red mailbox with raised flag and flying envelopes in purple, orange, and white, with a notification bell, against a soft purple background.

Many thanks for your patience as ITS implemented a fix to the Qualtrics emailer yesterday afternoon.

ITS initially set up a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay to route emails through our own server. However, the SMTP relay was overwhelmed due to multiple departments sending Fall Term course evaluations simultaneously, causing send failures.

To resolve this, we’ve adopted a more robust approach: we’ve transitioned to using a custom “From” domain within Qualtrics’ own email infrastructure. This change will significantly enhance email deliverability for large-scale survey distributions by utilizing Qualtrics’ superior email handling capabilities.

However, it’s important to recognize the limitations of this new setup. Since the email process is now fully managed by Qualtrics, any issues with email delivery will be outside the scope of ITS. In such cases, direct contact with Qualtrics Support will be necessary for troubleshooting and resolution.

Also, please note that when using the Qualtrics emailer, the default “From” email is survey@wlu.edu. For those who wish to personalize their survey emails, you can change survey@wlu.edu to your own W&L email address. This will NOT impact email deliverability.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the ITS Information Desk at help@wlu.edu, 540,458,4357 (HELP), or stop by the Main Level of Leyburn Library.